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Safe Adam’s Live Album Preview

by Dar-Sanduron November 19, 2016
The moment that all Safe Adam’s fans have been looking forward to has finally arrived! Catch Safe Adam’s album preview on Facebook Live right this moment! While many fans expecting Safe to reveal more infor...

Shaheer: Un-Veil-ing of his Musical Side

by Dar-Sanduron April 16, 2016
An origin story unlike the others When Shaheer first brought his guitar to his training camp, little did he know it’ll be a pathway for him to be a Nasheed singer. A military medic by day, Shaheer dons his headph...

Zain Bhikha: The Passing Traveller

by Dar-Sanduron November 16, 2015
A man clad in a simple attire, Zain Bhikha has a beautiful voice, amplified further by his lyrical composition of his songs. Hailing from South Africa, he has traveled across the world, spreading the message of love, c...

A true reflection and better growth of Saif Adam

Saif Adam Releases City, Exclusive New EP For Free

by Dar-Sanduron February 15, 2015
A Midnight Surprise In a surprise move, Saif Adam launched his latest EP, City, ahead of his Umrah. Enclosed with five new tracks, this new album seems a touch more personal than his previous takes; a form of an autobi...

Mostafa Atef

Mostafa Atef’s First Malaysia Tour 2015

by Dar-Sanduron February 12, 2015
Beginning this Thursday 12th February 2015, Mostafa Atef, a rising star in Arteffects International will start his tour in Malaysia for the first time. Ending on the 16th of February, Mostafa will be promoting his nash...

The Brothahood on TV Al-Hijrah!

by Dar-Sanduron January 17, 2015
A COLLABORATION OF MELBOURNE AND KUALA LUMPUR The Brothahood, the Melbourne-based spiritual hip-hop group will be broadcasting their latest music video, ONE on TV Al-Hijrah this Saturday, 17th January 2015. Featuring o...

Raef : A Busker, A Musician, His Path

by Dar-Sanduron September 29, 2014
Raef, an emerging artist from Awakening Records, was here in Malaysia to promote his latest album, “The Path”. Jointly sold under Sony Music Malaysia and Inteam Records, “The Path” is a reflecti...

Naeem’s First Solo Album

by Dar-Sanduron September 5, 2014
Of Naeem and his first Solo Album Naeem of Native Deen has finally launched his first solo album entitled” I Love you when you Use Your Words” on the 29th of August 2014. This album, first posted in the early weeks of ...