Safe Adam’s Live Album Preview

by Dar-Sanduron November 19, 2016
The moment that all Safe Adam’s fans have been looking forward to has finally arrived! Catch Safe Adam’s album preview on Facebook Live right this moment! While many fans expecting Safe to reveal more infor...

Malam Kalimah Cinta: A Night to Remember

by Ayman Basiron December 30, 2015
As it was my first time attending a Hafiz Hamidun show, forgive me if I pour too much praise on such a wonderful night in the next few paragraphs. It so happened that I somehow managed to secure two passes to the 24th ...

Zain Bhikha: The Passing Traveller

by Dar-Sanduron November 16, 2015
A man clad in a simple attire, Zain Bhikha has a beautiful voice, amplified further by his lyrical composition of his songs. Hailing from South Africa, he has traveled across the world, spreading the message of love, c...
A true reflection and better growth of Saif Adam

Saif Adam Releases City, Exclusive New EP For Free

by Dar-Sanduron February 15, 2015
A Midnight Surprise In a surprise move, Saif Adam launched his latest EP, City, ahead of his Umrah. Enclosed with five new tracks, this new album seems a touch more personal than his previous takes; a form of an autobi...

Raef’s Latest Single: A Teaser to The Path

by Dar-Sanduron May 25, 2014
A midst the buzz surrounding his first album, Raef presented to his latest single for his new album, entitled “You are The One” on Friday 23th May 2014. The single was heavily promoted by Awakening Records,...

“Better Days”: Outspoken and Out-Loud

by Dar-Sanduron August 14, 2013
The new single by Outlandish, entitled “Better Days” features a video clip about a taxi driver searching for a better day. Aptly named so, for the many of us out there are always searching for a much better...