Freedom World Screening Tour 2018

by on April 18, 2018

This year, Halis Media is launching The World Screening Tour of its first documentary film featuring 50 converts from 25 countries in 15 languages, “FREEDOM”. Halis Media’s vision is to introduce the pure message of Islam to the world through the most innovative media platforms.

After 2 years of production, 50 interviews conducted in 15 languages, more than 3,000 km of driving around Malaysia across 10 states, Halis Media is proud to announce that the International Premiere of FREEDOM will be on the 22nd of April 2018 in Johannesburg followed by screenings in Durban and Cape Town on the 24th and 26th of April 2018 respectively.

Halis Media has selected South Africa as the World Screening Tour of FREEDOM debut to coincide with Freedom Day on the 27th of April 2018. The documentary film is produced and directed by French convert, former international reporter, Julien Drolon and Malaysian TV Show producer, Zara Shafie who stated that “Islam teaches freedom, cherishes it, and guarantees it for Muslims and likewise, non-Muslims. The Islamic concept of freedom applies to all voluntary activities of man in all walks of life. This documentary film will InshaaAllah, shed light on how Islam liberates mankind from all kinds of oppression.” In addition, Halis Media partners with South African nasheed singer, Zain Bhikha for the official soundtrack of FREEDOM as well as Sheikh Moutasem al-Hameedy from Jordan for his recitation of the Qur’an.

Combined with beautiful landscapes and Masjids from all over Malaysia, FREEDOM is a spiritual and emotional documentary film featuring converts from around the world, from every continent. These poignant interviews share a rare sincerity of people who had been outsiders looking into Islam. Each interview was conducted in the native language of the converts in order to preserve the soul of their messages and to allow the people of their respective countries to connect more with them so they can truly become “Freedom Ambassadors”.

The World Screening Tour 2018 will take place in 10 countries over 5 continents Inshaa Allah. The first leg of the tour includes South Africa in April, Turkey, UK, Malaysia in May and Mexico in July. All the dates and venues of the first leg of the screening tour will be communicated within the month of April. Some screenings will be open to the public whereas some screenings will be private where guests will be invited through exclusive invitations.


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