AMERICAN SHARIA – Of Comedy, Action and Sharia-compliant.

by on January 1, 2014
The upcoming movie by Omar Regan Production

The upcoming movie by Omar Regan Production

American Sharia is an action-comedy film that is Sharia-compliant movie. Produced by Omar Regan Production, this movie aims in shedding a more positive and constructive role of Muslims and in the end, roles that Muslims in general can relate to; And being entertaining for the whole family.

This movie is about a police man name Mohammed, nicknamed “Momo” who keeps his faith to himself, who is paired up with a Detective who proudly shows his religious values. Together, they have to solve a case involving the disappearance of several Muslims as well as a respectable Muslim leader who is charged with an assault arrest. In this comedy-humour police procedural movie, lies the very principles of Islam: a movie that aims to be humorous and respects the boundaries of Islam. There are not foul languages or cussing present in the trailer, unlike contemporary American Police movies where cussing is a must.

Omar Regan, the producer and an actor in this movie, was once a singer in the hip-hop/rap group called Slaves of Allah. Later in life, Omar, who plays the Detective Mohammad, is an actor and a stand-up comedian. He once doubled as Chris Tucker in the movie “Rush Hour 2” and has performed stand-ups in major events around the world, notably including the Global Peace and Unity event in London and in 2012’s Mercy Malaysia’s Twins of Faith event. The actor/director’s wealth of experience is set to make this movie a movie to be watched.

Baba Ali is also an actor in the movie, portraying as Detective Abdullah, the detective who gladly embraces the elements of a Muslim and very much more “traditional” than Momo. Baba Ali was once in part of the rap group Soldiers of Allah. He is also a comedian from the YouTube channel, Ummah Films, mimicking Bill Maher in his satirical, dead-pan but realistic uptake on the world. Baba Ali is also the creator of the game board Medina to Mecca, an-Islamic themed trading board game and the Kaalimat, the game about common knowledge and memory.

Omar Regan Production has set a kickstarter project to fund this movie. Donation by the Muslim community will very much be helpful and beneficial, not to just for us, but for the Ummah in general. – Munsyeed Dot Com


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