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Hamza Namira Release New Single After 2 Years

by on January 22, 2014

After the announcement of his upcoming album last month, Hamza Namira is back with “Wa Ollak Eh” (What Shall I Say), a first taste of the new album since 2011’s Insan. which is set to release later this year.

The single written by Mahmoud Farouk and composed by Hamza Namira himself, while the music video directed by Anas Tolba of Axeer Studio for Sada Almidan, a non-profit organization interested in uniting all factions among the Egyptian back to how they were in the great 25th January Revolution through arts as it sole medium.

Yes. This is a song dedicated to every single Egyptians out there. The excellent cinematography portrayed by the director features evocative images which truly reflect current real-life situation of the Egyptian and other countries affected by suppression and political ideology differences. 

Lyric (English Translation)

And since when?
There were differences between us
And when you see me or I see you
we look away…

And how can this be?
That each of us will be on a different path
A very strange condition
A bizzare feeling, unfamiliar to us

What shall I say?
Where does the path of hatred lead us?
and why have our hearts died?
Where are we heading?
Satan has divided us
Our hope, in you our country, has ran out
Neither of us is without loss..
Nor hurt…

It pains me
The feeling that you were able to, in a second, wrong me
You sleep in peace, whilst your infliction causes me endless hurt..

On what basis?
You meet my smile with bullets
And with your own hands be the cause of a martyr in every family…

Friends and neighbours
Through thick and thin we have been for years
And like you, my heart is burning for my country

What’s next?
Where is this path leading us?
I fear the moment when tomorrow comes and we realise (what we’ve done)


Kudos to Hamza Namira and all crew members of the music videos production. – Munsyeed Dot Com


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  • Stella
    January 27, 2017 at 4:55 am

    I unhibb wa ollak eh, wow it’s message in song so powerful and true. Awesome video to , so real in emotion , and sadness. And portraying terrible wars and unrighteous democracy,cand suppression.


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