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Naeem’s First Solo Album

by on September 5, 2014

Of Naeem and his first Solo Album

Naeem of Native Deen has finally launched his first solo album entitled” I Love you when you Use Your Words” on the 29th of August 2014. This album, first posted in the early weeks of August, sets the anticipation for his solo album at an all-time high, further fuelled by his posting of his beautiful album cover album cover on the 17th of August.

Upon listening to his songs, notably “Dear Allah”, the amazing combination of a beautiful voice, a strong message embedded with his lyrics and assortment of music composition shows of Naeem’s life that grew up with a rich and deep understanding of music.

On a Soulful song

The lyrics he sang in his songs were filled with simplicity and elegance, accompanied by a strong message at remembering towards Allah and His Prophets; uplifting his listeners to be more acceptance to the happenings in their lives and be steadfast in their faith in Him. Thus, this marks this remarkable man’s journey in both Nasheed and Islamic spiritual song.

Dear Allah: Sweet Nothings and Forgiveness

A notable quote that the writer loved, was the phrase he used in his song “Dear Allah”, “sweet nothings”. In the interview ‘Tell Me More’, Naeem explained the reasoning on why he used that particular phrase; he explained that those simple words reflects on how we are weak with the temptations of this world, but should we seek forgiveness from Allah, He would grant us Mercy and Forgiveness. That itself showcases on how much Naeem has put thought and messages in his songs, making him more than just a musician.

Upon listening to his song, it was, but a pleasant surprise to listen to “I Love You when You Use Your Words”. For those who have followed vigorously Native Deen hip hop-styled songs, they will note that at times Naeem would perform ballad songs at the opening of some of Native Deen’s show. Therefore, with a combination of jazz, soul and even pop, Naeem showcased this side of his musical genius through his own solo album, notching himself as a music prodigy, and a spiritual singer at that.

A should have Album!

For those who wish to listen then purchase his album, visit to get a preview and then purchase Naeem’s album. His album is currently available on this site, but fret not, it will soon appear on iTunes and on Amazon, Insyallah. If you wish to know more updates of Naeem’s future project, visit his website as well as any new songs that this amazing composer will create!


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