Undone: Isam B’s Tribute To Gaza #Pray4Gaza

by on July 17, 2014

As the conflict in Middle East continue to escalate, international community expresses concern on the inhuman atrocities by Israel towards Palestinian. This include singer/song writer of a famous Danish multi-racial rap crew Outlandish, Isam Bachiri (also known as Isam B).

Isam B pays his tribute to the current situation in Gaza by unofficially release a new single called “Undone” via Outlandish Twitter account last night (MYT).

“Isam chose to leak Undone which he says fit the situation in Gaza” said Outlandish via Twitter.

Composed by a well known musician Idris Philips, “Undone” is a highly thought-provoking masterpiece, which in some part of the lyrics criticizing the world leaders numbness over the never-ending conflict in the Middle East between the Israeli and Palestinian people.

“The heartless bombing of innocent souls is unbearable, but we do believe a change will come God willing, and each of us can do our part.” said Isam Bachiri in a statement corresponded with the single.

According to an article by, the single taken from Isams latest and forthcoming second solo album entitled “Lost For Words” is set to release with the new album this coming fall 2014.


UNDONE (Change will come)

by Isam B (Outlandish)

We lean against the walls
And stare at the fires
While our candidates, try to sell ,their new plans
Their words are at loss
They still hide in the shadows
The scene is tired at their hands

We cross on a bridge that leads to a city
With our signs and our banners in sight
The detours are in the way
Will it takes us forever
Some get too tired to fight

But I do believe a change will come
It may not take too long
We can rise like the morning sun
And we will not leave undone

And where are the rights for those who deal with oppression
They fight for their land throwing stones
They building your house so that they can feed their children
But While Their Backs are turned u tear down their homes

But I do believe a change will come
And it may not take too long
We can rise like the morning sun
We will not leave undone

I do believe a change will come
It can rise like the morning sun
And I will not leave this World undone
Yes I do believe a change will come

– Munsyeed Dot Com


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