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Freedom World Screening Tour 2018

by Munsyeed Adminon April 18, 2018
This year, Halis Media is launching The World Screening Tour of its first documentary film featuring 50 converts from 25 countries in 15 languages, “FREEDOM”. Halis Media’s vision is to introduce the pure message of Is...

Safe Adam’s Live Album Preview

by Dar-Sanduron November 19, 2016
The moment that all Safe Adam’s fans have been looking forward to has finally arrived! Catch Safe Adam’s album preview on Facebook Live right this moment! While many fans expecting Safe to reveal more infor...

After 4 Years, Maher Zain Returns With a Groundbreaking Album – “One”

by Munsyeed Adminon June 7, 2016
The wait is over for fans around the globe following the arrival of Maher Zain’s third and new album One early this week. The highly anticipated album is out and fans can finally get their hands on the album via ...

Malaysian Islamic Music Star Hafiz Hamidun Launches His New Single Marhaban First on Twitter and Periscope

by Munsyeed Adminon May 26, 2016
Fans of Islamic music singer and songwriter Hafiz Hamidun will get an up close and personal opportunity to listen to his new single “Marhaban” tomorrow at 8.30PM (local time) via Twitter and Periscope. Twitter will giv...

Shaheer: Un-Veil-ing of his Musical Side

by Dar-Sanduron April 16, 2016
An origin story unlike the others When Shaheer first brought his guitar to his training camp, little did he know it’ll be a pathway for him to be a Nasheed singer. A military medic by day, Shaheer dons his headph...

We Are Sorry Dr Zakir Naik

by Ayman Basiron April 15, 2016
The theory that as long as people are talking about you it is a good thing, is highly debatable. Sayings such as “there is no such thing as bad publicity” and “I don’t care what they say about me as long as they ...

Malam Kalimah Cinta: A Night to Remember

by Ayman Basiron December 30, 2015
As it was my first time attending a Hafiz Hamidun show, forgive me if I pour too much praise on such a wonderful night in the next few paragraphs. It so happened that I somehow managed to secure two passes to the 24th ...

Zain Bhikha: The Passing Traveller

by Dar-Sanduron November 16, 2015
A man clad in a simple attire, Zain Bhikha has a beautiful voice, amplified further by his lyrical composition of his songs. Hailing from South Africa, he has traveled across the world, spreading the message of love, c...
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