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Mo Sabri Declares His Belief in Jesus

by on March 4, 2013

“I Believe in Jesus” – Mo Sabri

This name might not ring any bell on most of us but believe it or not, Mo Sabri is not your average Muslim-American singer hailing from East Tennessee. Once a mainstream success, he is now paving a career as an Islamic nasheed singer, appearing on national and international networks such as BBC, MTV (not kidding!), CBS, and GEO TV. Even his YouTube videos have garner hundreds of thousands of views daily. And best of all, his fans still stayed loyal to him despite Mo Sabri’s shift towards the nasheed scene, for his vocal and sound arrangement is just amazing.

What is his most notable achievement, you ask? On his debut album, he became the #5 highest selling artists in the iTunes World chart for a week, out selling every Muslim, Arab and South Asian artist in the world. And that list includes Maher Zain, A.R. Rahman mind you, so this singer definitely packs in a punch. And Mo Sabri isn’t just exclusive to concerts; he does performances at universities and festivals across the US and the UK, even at many charity events worldwide.

Mo Sabri was even endorsed by Aziz Ansari (host of 2010 MTV Movie Awards), football star Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys), and platinum-selling rapper B.o.B. The main reason people love his song, are that his songs are brimming with positive messages and filled with witty and poetics lyrics attracting the youths and adults alike. In a way, the message of Islam is spread in a fun and thoughtful way. In a way, it is a reflection of his performances, as it is usually fun, unique and refreshing.

Mo Sabri’s artistry is perhaps best seen in the lyrics of his song “Heaven is Where Her Heart Is (Aisha)”  when he says the line “Whenever you want, we can go to Umrah/Hop on a jet, just go to Jummah/ We could live the good life, I’m talking about the Sunnah/And when I write this music, I do it for my Ummah”. On December 17 2012 , Mo Sabri released his new and latest single called “I Believe in Jesus” which has received wide coverage and various feedback among the Muslim and Christian community in fact he was invited to the White House because of it.

Heaven Is Where Her Heart Is (Aisha)

(Update) Latest Single – I Believe In Jesus, recently received more than 1 million views . 


  • Mo Sabri did a live show on ustream on last Saturday, as his birthday was on Sunday, 3rd March. The stream was also a venue for him to promote his new singles
  • Follow Mo Sabri on Facebook and Twitter @TheMoSabri


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