Raef’s Latest Single: A Teaser to The Path

by on May 25, 2014
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A midst the buzz surrounding his first album, Raef presented to his latest single for his new album, entitled “You are The One” on Friday 23th May 2014. The single was heavily promoted by Awakening Records, Awakening Records’own artist and especially by the man himself, Raef.

A Simple lovable tune

This song is easy on the ears, and showcases the guitar skills of Raef, showing great improvements in creating a simple-but-delightful song. Since this song depicts the purity of love between two people, what differs between this song and the other common love songs is in the lyrics itself: An example, instead of the term baby, Raef uses the word BFF or Best Friends Forever. This itself shows that this song values the presence of a Significant Other (SO) as a person to share their life with and not just a possession.

A Promising Album!

With a preview of this song, it seems like a promising outlook await the readers this coming June 6th, for this would be the official date for the album. One can say that this is setting to be a album that presents Raef as who he truly is: a nasheed singer who influences and encourages people to find the positiveness in their lives through the tunes of his Guitar!

So keep a lookout on Raef’s Twitter, Instagram and especially, his Facebook page, for any clues and links on how to purchase his first maiden album!

– Munsyeed Dot Com


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