Saif Adam Releases City, Exclusive New EP For Free

by on February 15, 2015
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A Midnight Surprise

In a surprise move, Saif Adam launched his latest EP, City, ahead of his Umrah. Enclosed with five new tracks, this new album seems a touch more personal than his previous takes; a form of an autobiography, translated through music to his adoring listeners. Talking about his feelings, pains, and the need to change and be more positive, this album gives a special form of melancholy, added with a hint of cautious positivism. For this particular album, Saif co-produce City with Wali-ur Rahman, one of the founder of Awakening Records.

Track Review and Impressions

A much higher stress on his voice, clearer in this track than the rest, this song is a reflection on his opinion and story on believing in that fate that is set for us and the will to change. Mellowed voice for this song, it creates a soothing feel, akin to a father advising or a brother giving that much needed advice: stern, strong yet soft enough for us to take the blow face the challenge and move to be the better version of ourselves. The guitar note in this track serves more of a highlight, to stress on his words, which was then accompanied with the tunes of the piano, as if to signify the change from stern to advising, giving enough hope to go further.

Only Young
A much softer tunes accompanied with just dry strums of his guitar, Saif managed to conveyed the meanings and experiences that happens to some unlucky children: Being bullied. This particular approach managed to create the melancholy feel of how a person would react by the laughter and pickings aimed at themselves; unable to do nothing but to just cry. A much emotional music, stressed upon by the ensemble choice consisting of slow and sudden dry feel of the string instruments. A much sharper note with the hint of dynamism, Saif managed to convey the emotions that would have been felt by the young person.

City Lights
Cheerful and full of lights; This songs is complimented with the soft striking beats, lively violins and a whole ensemble illuminates us with how a city will look under its own light. This particular track is one of the well made and balanced song, for it uses what it needs to create the illusion that it wanted.

With a more focused attention on his voice, and the rhythmic clap of hand claps, the tracks plays out the feel to change oneself. As the lyrics rhythmically with the words ‘Let it Go’, this song would automatically be one of the best song in this particular album. As one pays attention to transitions of the tones, one can imagine a roller coaster of emotions, from being a high positivism to doubtful self, the arrangement perfectly compliments this song, making it a favorite.

What Went Wrong
The main piece, the piano, are in tempo with his words. Describing on what is going on in this world, figuring out on how things went under, the piano tune was then accompanied by strings further bringing a more soothing yet sad tune, describing not of hate, but the despair of the singer; but even in all that, there was a hope in searching the solution, even if it was not described openly.

Get Your Free Copy

City is an EP album released by The Light Records, exclusively available as a free download on Go get your free copy now by clicking the download icon/button on each track and immerse yourself into the beauty of Saif Adam’s City.

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