Zain Bhikha: The Passing Traveller

by on November 16, 2015
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A man clad in a simple attire, Zain Bhikha has a beautiful voice, amplified further by his lyrical composition of his songs. Hailing from South Africa, he has traveled across the world, spreading the message of love, compassion and change through his songs and impacting the lives of his listeners. Indeed, his latest album’s title is a testament to his whole life works, a passing Traveller.

The Passing Traveller: The titular song

Taking a leaf out of his titular song, The Passing Traveller, ‘I’m but a stranger in a hostile world’ describes his travel in this world that is seemingly hostile towards us Muslims, but should we persevere and hold on to our faith, we would be among those that succeed. It further exemplifies the need to not just create a better world to only Muslims, but also for the non-Muslims, for protecting and helping them is part of our Iman. Indeed, this song captures the essence of his album: A spiritual journey that looks through the lies of this world, yet finds the gems that are within each and everyone of us and helping us to bring that shine for the world to see.

The evoking ‘Allah Remains’

Staying true to the theme of a spiritual journey, the song ‘Allah Remains’ serves as a powerful reminder to us, on our life choices and accountability to each of our choices. “But I believe my soul to be, a gift of Allah’s grace” – a line that prompts our mind of our faith to Allah S.W.T and evoking us to do what is good and right to others, and never to be arrogant in our way of life. The songs bring us down the path of arrogant kings, of ageless books and monuments and how we must steer our path to be the true path. Written by Zain’s dear friend Dawud Wharnsby, this songs is the perfect companion to the ‘The Passing Traveller’ song.

Of Science and Religion. And Children

A song meant for children, the song ‘Allah Made Everything’ touches on science, religion and its impact on children.  As with some of his earlier songs, Zain Bhika touches our hearts and minds, by reminding us that for every scientific advancement, it is through Allah’s wisdom and creation that got us where we are now. The lyrics in a way describes how we should advance ourselves, but to always remember that we are the Creation of Allah S.W.T; Uplifting us to a higher level of understanding and perception of this world. The song and music video accompanied one another in a perfect and beautiful unison.

Of Halal Entertainment and Comedy

Omar Regan - Hollywood actor, stand up comedian and founder of Halalywood.

Omar Regan – Hollywood actor, stand up comedian and founder of Halalywood.

The most important note in a Nasheed’s music video, the aim is to create a more Sharia-compliant entertainment videos that complement the song through outstanding visual performance. In this particular music video, Omar Regan, a comedian and proponent of Halalywood Entertainment, lends his comedic antiques as an eclectic school teacher to a most delightful cast of children from the Islamia College in Cape Town. In it, Omar Regan goes through the process of teaching the children regarding the creations of Allah through plays and songs; definitely not an easy task for him. A very refreshing outlook on most common music videos, for not only it highlights how important it is we teach our children on who is our Creator is, but to also encourage us to further scientific development without losing our Islamic roots. And with the introduction of Omar Regan, a way for more Muslims to be better and ‘cleaner’ comedians in a way that brings us closer to Allah and in a way, bring a new form of Da’wah that touches the lives of others and bringing them a deeper understanding of Islam.

Zain Bhikha’s “The Passing Traveller”

For those who are interested in obtaining Zain Bhikha’s latest album, “The Passing Traveller”, you can get it at, iTunes for those using iOS and Apple products and lastly from Zain’s online store. Don’t miss this chance! Get this album now!

You may also stand a chance to win this sonically exquisite new album from us at Munsyeed Dot Com by following our social media account and wait for further updates.

– Munsyeed


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