Saif Adam #MalaysiaTour

by on October 23, 2013

As what had surfaced on both Saif Adam‘s facebook page and twitter account, apparently Saif Adam was scheduled for a concert tour in Malaysia, starting from TOMORROW (24th of October) until the 28th of October 2013. However, there was sparse details regarding the actual venue and pricing for the said event, eventhought there was a poster highlighting this event, and promotion done by Arteffects International.

Upon further investigation, the writer found out that it was a concert as what was speculated, but a slated performance for one of Arteffects International events: a showcase concerts of Hafiz Hamidun, who is a close friend of Saif Adam, as well as the launch of his first album, Heart. The album containing 15 songs, including Saif’s famous song Believe, produced by The Light Records of the UK, scheduled for distribution by Warner Music Malaysia (Int’l) for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei market, and as was mentioned, Arteffects International for this region distribution.

Saif’s Malaysian Tour is going to be held in these places, starting on the 24th of October till the 28th of October in a non-stop show in various places. Suprisingly, his first stop is Sabah, in an attempt to woo the Northen Borneo people with his soulful and spiritual song. These are the places and time for each of the showcase:

 saif adam msia tour

If you have never listened to any of Saif Adam’s song, here is the preview of his tracks:

1. Album Preview: 


2. Believe Official Music Video:

Keep your eyes on this guy as he’s (as what our staff said before) THE NEXT BIG THING in the Islamic music industry after Sami Yusuf and Maher Zain.